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About The Small Crop

Committed to providing wholesome vegetarian, vegan and conscious carnivore goodies, The Small Crop is a Brisbane Based foodie haven! We source our food locally and only purchase the freshest, rawest ingredients, ensuring our customers receive the highest quality food on offer. No preservatives are added, making sure you only eat food that is good for both body and soul.


Partners in the kitchen and in life, Kate and Toby, are the ultimate match made in (foodie) heaven. Since the mid 90’s, Toby has been trained as a chef in various cafes and high-end Italian restaurants, collecting many quality experiences. Diversely, Kate’s love affair with food began in 2007 during her time at the Lendenhall and Greenwich Markets in England where she rocked the socks off every Brit to taste her food. Together, we both have an undeniable passion for Middle Eastern flavours, and are influenced by a range of Afghani, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Asian and Indian tastes.


Since our first gig serving vegan salads at the 2010 Finders Keepers Market, we have come a long, long way - it’s only natural that our creations have a venue of their own! After years of trading at events, festivals and markets around Brisbane under the name ‘Nom Nom’ – we have finally opened up The Small Crop to do some crazy, big things! World, get ready for us!


Open in Wynnum from 6am to 6pm every day, The Small Crop has the freshest breakfast, lunch, and take-away meals for you to enjoy whenever you please. It’s fresh food fast – not fast food.


Not to mention, we also offer some wicked catering options – *wink, wink, nudge nudge*

From the Press



“We know good food when we see it and oh boy, does 'The Small Crop' deliver. Absolutely delicious! And made with lots of love.


Emma Brown, Blogger - Oh My Goodness

"Not only does 'The Small Crop' create tasty meals, every dish looks beautiful through my camera. The amount of effort put into their food is amazing!


The Food Reporter

"It's quite refreshing to be eating such wholesome meals - amazing work 'The Small Crop'.