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Ingredients Inspiring Us Right Now | Top Three

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

If there is anything we love, it is experimenting in the kitchen! With the cooler months that are now upon us, we have been whizzing up some new recipes that incorporate what’s fresh and in season, and what satisfies our need for a little warmth. So, here are some of the ingredients that we have loved working with and have been inspired by lately.

1. Broccoli

An ingredient inspiring us at the moment is definitely a family favourite - Broccoli! Full to the stems with vitamins, Broccoli is a great source of goodness that everyone needs in their lives - especially in the winter months when colds are all the rage! Recently, we have been experimenting with savoury tarts and broccoli seems to be a reoccurring ingredient. How does a ‘fennel, broccoli and ricotta tart’ sound? What about ‘broccoli and thyme?’ We know our mouths are watering! The more you add to your shopping cart, the happier your tummy will be. Would we brocco-lie to you?

2. Zucchini

While you’re putting the broccoli in your shopping cart, make sure you swing over to the zucchini’s and pop a few of those in too, because we can’t get enough! Not only do zucchini’s provide so many health benefits like dietary fibre and optimal health, they are perfect to put in your winter recipes. They go well in stir-fry, soups and not to mention, our new creation ‘Zucchini and Cheese Slice with Rosemary Damper Crumbs.’ Yum, Yum, Yum!

3. Porchetta

One of the best things about Winter (besides the hot chocolate, mmm) has to be the dinner time roasts and right now, we are loving porchetta! One of our newest creations is the ‘Sage and Tarragon Stuffed Porchetta Served with a Celeriac Mash.’ And let us tell you, our customers loved it!