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What's cooking good-looking?

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

As the winter comes around and new ingredients come in and out of seasons, we love to change up our menu. When it’s cold, our customers, family and friends love meals that are more wholesome and warm, so we love to experiment with ingredients that compliment that. Here are some of our favourite ingredients that we have loved to cook and cook with recently.


We know what you’re thinking - why humus? We’re not having a party? But, let us be the ones to tell you that Hummus is all the rage for us this winter. High in fibre, antioxidants and protein, Hummus is the perfect spread to keep your immune system up over the winter, making it the perfect soul food! We’ve been making ‘carrot and sumac hummus’ topped with our freshly made chilli and beetroot jam and loving it!


Rice is universally one of the best dishes for the winter! Hot or cold, vegan or not, and with so many ingredients that can be added, there is a rice dish that suits every person’s preferences. We have been making a legendary rice salad recently, adding another one of our favourites, beetroot hummus! What a wholesome energy dish!


There is no better time for soup than in the Winter! With so much versatility and so many options, the question is - why don’t we eat this tasty dish for every meal? What we love most is that we can add superfoods like pumpkin, spinach or celery and add that extra goodness for the soul. We know as much as anyone how crazy family dinner can be, especially with big work schedules, so having a big batch of soup where everyone can help themselves is an absolute lifesaver!