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The Small Crop Opens In Wynnum

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

After nearly 8 years doing markets, events, and functions (and a name change - ‘Nom Nom’ anyone?), our foodie business has finally opened our own kitchen in Wynnum on 15th May 2018. A date for the family history books!

Since our first gig way back in 2010 at the Finders Keepers market, offering vegan options and serving 800 salads to the public – it’s only natural that our natural produce creations now have a venue of their own.

We’re now open from 6am-6pm everyday and serve the freshest breakfast, lunch, and take-away meals for our customers to enjoy whenever they please. All of the ingredients we use are locally sourced and contain no added preservatives. We are committed to serving healthy food for a healthy mood!