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What's in Season? | #WinterisHere

Move over strawberry and cucumber, winter is here and has brought some of our favourite winter veggies with it. With the cooler weather comes warmer dishes, and the perfect vegetables are here to make every meal Masterchef ready. Here are some delicious vegetables to add to your winter dishes this season -


They taste good in rice, in salads, in dips. PRACTICALLY EVERYWHERE. We can name no better pair than peas and winter as they are perfect for any warm dish - you could say they’re two peas in a pod, but we wouldn’t want to be cliche.

Brussel Sprouts

For any person that tells you their least favourite vegetable is Brussel sprouts, they’ve obviously never eaten them in winter! We can’t think of anything better than a roast dinner with meat, gravy, potatoes and of course, Brussel Sprouts. Yum!


Is there anything better than eating a slow-cooked lamb stew that is loaded with all of our favourite winter veggies on a cool winter night? The answer is definitely no. We’re talking broccoli, carrots and of course, cauliflower. With cauliflower in season for the next few cooler months, there is no better time to add it to your shopping list.


If potatoes aren’t the holy grail of food, we don’t know what is. From tater tots to mash to french fries - there is something everyone can enjoy when it comes to taties. And in good news - potatoes are in season this winter! We’re ready for all of our meals to have that extra tastiness to it. There is nothing as sweet (potato)!